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Khloe Kardashian Kovers Cosmo; Talks Body Issues, Kanye, Kim and More!

Kardashian is featured on the cover of this month’s Cosmopolitan UK. And the reality star holds little back in her interview, touching on topics that include sister Kim Kardashian‘s relationship; her struggles to conceive; and her body image issues.

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Kanye West vs. Kris Humphries: “I think Kanye knows how to deal with Kim really well. Because we’ve known him for so long, he’ll come to us if he wants advice on a birthday present or something. I like that. Kris wouldn’t even talk to us. I love that with Kanye we have that friendship. Because when you’re with one of us you’re with all of us.”

Pregnancy Problems: “I just wanted to be, ‘Hey, let’s have a baby,’ and we would just have one. Kourtney did. And I wish that was the way for me. But it won’t be. I’ll have to take hormones. I do want to have a baby, but I don’t feel the urgency to have one this very moment.”

Kris Jenner, Momager: “I’d never manage my kids. We gang up on Mom, and that has to be so hard. Now I’m getting older I feel sorry for her rather than resent her. [Once my mom told me] I was gaining weight, but she was talking to me as a manager, like I was ruining a brand deal. It’s hard to understand that and it’s more hurtful when it’s coming from my mom, but Kim is definitely her favorite. It doesn’t bother me. They’re so similar – they could be the same person.”

A Weighty Issue: “I’ve always known that I’m not Kim and I’m not Kourtney – I’ve always been OK with that. I probably thought I was prettier before I entered the spotlight because being compared to somebody else every day does sort of beat up your spirit and soul. But it’s made me stronger.”

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Runway News


Well, can you blame him? I mean, come on, who could? A beaming Alexander Wang bounded out after his fantastic fall show radiating the kind of unbridled positivity and confidence that can get you all sorts of things in this life—even, as it turns out, a storied French fashion house that wants you to write the next chapter in its history. Of course, we’re going to be at fever pitch over the upcoming weeks waiting for Wang to make his Balenciaga debut in Paris—and there was something wonderfully teasing and wink-wink about sneaking in a few Cristóbalisms into his own collection, what with those rounded and molded volumes of the shoulders and backs of his capaciously ovoid leather, wool, and fur coats and jackets. As it turns out, the couture-y fifties was just one decade Wang was looking at. He also had his eye on the thirties and forties, he said backstage, still smiling from ear to ear. (Like I said, who can blame him?) “It was taking all of the wonderful evening wear from those decades,” he said, “and then turning it into sportswear. The last few collections have been so slick and urban, it felt right to challenge ourselves with something new.”

This, in essence, is what makes the experience of Brand Wang so compelling: a his-generation-minded approach to driving on and expanding who you are as a designer and what you are known for, without ever losing sight of who you are. And for all the nostalgia-tinged views of the past that Wang was working with here, he’s also a fearless modernist, pushing himself onward to make clothes that mean and say something in the here and now. The silhouette, for instance, worked with the aforementioned sense of sculpted shaping à la the fifties in the form of oversize sweaters and swinging jackets that stood away from the body, worn with lean skirts to the knee or narrow satin pants that sat under matching evening skirts slashed at the front all the way to the waist but didn’t look historicist because of the technological nature of the fabrics—many of them knitted, it turns out, imbuing the clothes with a very twenty-first-century sense of ease and comfort even down to the shoes, and swaddling his high mules in a cocoon of ribbed wool, or facing a pointy cutaway evening pump in a compact black knitted stockinette.

Similarly, when Wang switched his typical bodycon silhouette for something softer and tapering, like the drop-waist coats secured with intricately wrapped belts, they looked as straightforwardly comfortable as the athletic hoodies he was making a few years back. All of this came colored the same no-nonsense shades and tones—grays, whites, blacks rich with texture—that Wang and plenty of his peers are seeing for this coming fall. On paper, that might seem downbeat. In person, it was another story, the rigor only adding to the youthful athletic elegance of what was on offer. Like so much of what Wang can generate, his enthusiasm for it was infectious.


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We’ve all been here before: We start the year with the best of intentions to lose weight, save money, or stop drinking, only to start February on the couch with champagne and cupcakes. Resolving to improve our relationships in little ways, however, is more realistic than we think. Below are 25 of them—whether we’re single, dating, or deeply committed.

1. Apply CEO logic to your relationship. Mega-successful people don’t dwell on their failures; they treat them as learning opportunities. Think: What if that bad breakup was the best thing that ever happened to you?

2. Shut the bathroom door. You can’t maintain sexy mystique if he can see hair remover on the sink or talk to you while you are on the toilet.

3. Say you’re sorry. Love means alwayshaving to say this. Sometimes in the heat of the moment, we worry too much about being right and forget that we’re on the same team. But you never “win” a fight if the other person walks away miserable.

4. Go to your girlfriends instead of your man to vent.For women, talking about problems releases the “feel-good” oxytocin hormone and lowers stress levels, while men just get tired and frustrated. Go to him when you need suggestions for a solution.

5. Snuggle more. When it comes to long-term relationship health, snuggling is just as important as sex. Both release the “cuddle” hormone oxytocin that makes us pair-bond, but snuggling also lowers stress and blood pressure, feels good, and makes you feel connected.

6. Eat and work out like you’re single. Of course we want someone who loves us “no matter what,” but living in sweatpants with pizza delivery on speed dial sends the message that we’ve stopped putting in the effort.

7. Talk about money. Pretend you are getting a pre-nup (and if you are getting married, get one for real). Throw everything on the table: Ask about income, debt, and financial goals. Financial incompatibility is a leading cause of divorce, so you’d be wise to know if you plan out every purchase while your significant other stuffs bills in the back of a drawer.

8. Figure out what you want. Remember that relationships aren’t slot machines. Continuing to invest in something that isn’t paying out doesn’t increase your odds of hitting the jackpot in the end. Instead of waiting around for something to change, be honest about what you want—with the people you are dating and with yourself.

9. Ask questions. Fear is the reason why people wait years to find out that someone doesn’t want to get married or have children. The question you’re most afraid to hear the answer to is the one that you should definitely ask.

10. Ditch the ridiculous deal breakers. It’s great to have high standards, but if your list of qualities to rule people out is more than a page long, you’re probably being too picky. Break up with the fantasy guy who lives in your head and accept that the perfect man for you will not be perfect. This is okay, because you aren’t either.

11. Stop comparing yourself to others. It’s toxic. Instead of pitting yourself against your friends’ Facebook posts, look in the mirror: How have you grown in the past year? What have you learned? What do you hope to achieve?

12. Be logical. Falling in love activates the same dopamine reaction in the brain as cocaine, so remember that during the first few months of a relationship you are under the influence of infatuation. Remind yourself to be rational, ask questions, and really listen to the answers. Even the ones you don’t want to hear.

13. Stop focusing on whether or not a first date could be The One. Pretending you’re meeting a friend can help prevent you from picking apart his flaws in your mind and will make you more confident and relaxed—which is also very attractive.

14. Stop multitasking. Put down the phone during dinner, be an active listener, and don’t think about your inbox during sex. Resolve to be more fully present for your relationship.

15. Make this the year that you really put the past behind you. Forgive the ex who cheated or friend who let you down. This doesn’t mean that what they did was okay; it means that you are choosing to let it go and be free. If you are holding on to guilt, make amends and forgive yourself for past mistakes.

16. Have adventures together. If you are bored, stop being boring. Learn a new language, take a trip, or just ride a roller coaster. The important thing is that you never stop having fun.

7. Give. Small gifts year-round keep that warm, fuzzy holiday feeling going. Something as simple as a massage or picking up his favorite dinner after a stressful day can strengthen intimacy.

18. Do nothing. When in doubt about what to do, sometimes the best thing to do is nothing. After an angry confrontation but before you send an angry text or email, ask yourself: Are you acting or just reacting? Often the need to “do something” is often driven by emotion, so you may get better results by waiting until you can make a more rational decision.

19. Mind your manners during arguments. It’s hard to be polite in the heat of the moment, so set ground rules ahead of time. This means no name-calling and no fighting in front of other people.

20. Learn to live in the moment instead of obsessing over “having it all.” This is an illusion anyway because our lives are constantly in flux. More job or relationship security usually equals less freedom, and there are benefits to being on both sides. So whether it’s your amazing boyfriend, your adventurous single life, or simply the ability to completely control the TV remote, find something about your life that you can appreciate right now.

21. Clean out your emotional life. Give yourself permission to delete your toxic friends, ex-boyfriends who can’t commit but always appear when you meet someone who can, and anyone else whose caller ID automatically makes you hit “ignore.”

22. Schedule sex—or at least a (wink, wink) “date night.” It may sound un-sexy, but the more you have, the more you will want. This is also a great excuse to buy more killer lingerie.

23. Go to bed angry. There’s no point in dragging out a fight when you are exhausted or emotionally wrecked. Sleep on it, and you may wake up with a fresh perspective.

24. Compliment your significant other often. It’s easy to point out what someone got wrong, but how often do you take the time to say thank you for a job well done? It will brighten their day and motivate them to do it again.

25. Figure out your fertility options. If your biological clock is ticking and having children is important to you, research fertility options. This could mean freezing eggs, having an ovarian reserve test, or considering life as a single parent. Implementing a Plan B will make you more confident about the future regardless of your present relationship status.

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